Thursday, August 30, 2012

#6- Catcher In The Rye By J.D. Salinger

#6- Catcher In The Rye

Rating- 5/10

This book was entirely painful for me to read. I know that its considered a "classic" but I just couldnt connect with the main character AT ALL.

The story, well its hard to even say a storyline, its basically a high school aged boy writing in an almost diary format. He tells us about his days at school, then after he gets kicked out of school he tells us about wandering through New York while trying to stall time before he can go home so his parents wont know that he is kicked out.

I felt for this kid, I really did, he seemed so disillusioned with how his life was turning out. Every single thing that he did, after he did he found it to be not cool enough, or a bad idea. His attitude towards life was just a huge turn-off for me. 

When he went on a date with girls he was disrespectful and confusing, saying that he was in love with them one second and then claiming that he hadnt never hated anything more the next.

He also largely abused alcohol and cigarettes (which at the time the book was written I know wasnt as bad, but still gross since he is in high school and underaged).

I just didnt like it. I was disappointed that I didnt like it in fact, because I usually really like books written in this format and I had hoped to find a new favorite, as some people rave about how awesome they found this book to be.

Maybe if I was a bit more pessimistic towards the world and able to see where he was coming from better it may have worked out for me, but I just found him to be incredibly cliche and phony and didnt enjoy the reading at all.

The only part of the book that I liked was the last page, in which this quote was on, it made be somewhat understand how lonely he felt and possibly nostalgic for a time when things were better. It seems to me that this kid really needed some therapy and someone who cared about him.

“Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.” 


  1. I really cared for this book. Maybe its because I was an angsty teenager when I read it, but now I agree with you. Same with Perks of Being A Wallflower. I waited til I was grown to read it, and I can't connect with the character at all. Have you read that one yet?

    1. I have read that one! Although I personally found that one more relatable and really enjoyed reading it. I think it may have to do with the fact that the narrator isnt so down on himself and the entire world, which is what I particularly didnt like about Holden.

  2. Hey found your blog through BBN and I'm really enjoying it so far. I totally loved catcher in the rye! It got me through a painfully long plane ride before! :) While I often found Holden to be somewhat of a misogynistic prick or a straight up douche bag, I couldn't help but feel for him. He is the embodiment of a honest self-centered young adult.

    -Denise < >


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