Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#46- Forever... By Judy Blume

#46- Forever...

Rating- 6.5/10

This book was a difficult one for me to rate, because I was rather conflicted from beginning to ending of the book.

The story was written in 1975 and is about a girl named Katherine and a boy named Michael who meet in the suburbs of New Jersey and their story of meeting and falling in love.

Without giving too much away, they end up getting pretty serious, and Katherine considers having sex with him. Throughout this entire thing she is conflicted on what to do and eventually ends up going to planned parenthood to find out more information. As far as responsible sex goes, this girl clearly knows what she is doing.

The first half of the book was excellent; I enjoyed the characters and how it felt like a real teenage story of people falling in love and getting to know eachother. It was different from books that are written in this time period, where people cant just fall in love without confronting a problem first (think twilight, hunger games, harry potter, they have to fight wars and evil forces before they are able to be happy together) so I enjoyed the slow paced but very normal thought behind this book.

That being said, I was very disappointed in the ending, as I promised in the mission statement of this blog I wont give away anything so that you can all go out and choose to the read the book as well and make your own decisions without knowing too much, so I wont give away what upset me, but I felt that it was a lame way to end the book.

This may have to do with my preconceived notions on how a love story should go, but I don't think I would be the only one to feel that way.

So the only reason that this book was rated a 6.5 instead of something like an 8 was due to the ending. I really enjoyed reading it and felt myself blushing, smiling, laughing, and cringing right along with the characters in the book.

Overall very interesting to see how times have changed in almost 40 years and also how similar things have stayed. When it comes down to it, teenagers are teenagers, and falling in love is falling in love.

"Like my mother said, you can't go back to holding hands."

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  1. this whole blog is such a cool thing to do! I read this book in one afternoon in my college bookstore in between classes, such a good read that so many young girls could relate to...such a huge Judy Blume fan


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