Thursday, September 20, 2012

#54- Hush Hush By Becca Fitzpatrick

#54- Hush Hush

Rating- 7.5/10

This book severely scared me, like right now while typing this I'm a bit creeped out and afraid to leave my bed. Now I will admit that i'm a slight wimp when it comes to things like this, but I actually had to put down the book last night because I was so freaked out.

This book follows a girl named Nora, who lives in a farm house with her mother and goes to public school. She has a best friend named Vee and they are lab partners in biology class. Then one day the teacher changes the seating chart and Nora now sits next to the mysterious Patch. He is a transfer student and has a weird tone to him that freaks Nora out. She asks for a seat change but isnt granted one.

Later that week Nora and Vee meet two boys at the coffee shop, named Elliot and Jules. Elliot has just transferred to their school and they offer to sit with him at lunch. From then on a friendship is born and one weekend they all go to an amusement park together. When they get there, Nora goes off to get cotton candy and sees Patch there, after trying to avoid him, she agrees to go on a ride together, one called the archangel, and during that ride she has a vision of falling out and dying. From there she is freaked out and tries to find Vee to get home, in a state of disbelief after searching the parking lot she realizes that Vee has ditched her and she has no choice but to get a ride home with Patch.

A relationship between Nora and Patch starts to form, and although she finds it slightly putting off, she continues anyways. Throughout the book we start to question which character really is the bad guy, the strange but slightly intriguing Patch, or the new boys Elliot and Jules that seem clean cut but have rumors of a dangerous past. A book with frightening chases and unexpected twists and turns at every page, hush hush is not I book I recommend reading at night! Save these pages for daytime reading only. 

My reasoning for rating this book a 7.5 was due to its ridiculously cliche notions. The new creepy mysterious kid falling for the girl who doesnt want anything to do with him. The idea that sometimes the dark ones arent dark and that the straight A good guys have some curious tendencies, etc etc. It felt a bit like Bella and Edward (from Twilight, for those of you who havent read the phenomenon I promise to review soon) but on a creepier level. In general just not a relationship that I enjoyed reading about. I did however enjoy getting intensely scared over a book, its always nice to have such a great adventure story going on with only words.

“He was the worst kind of wrong. He was so wrong it felt right, and that made me feel completely out of control.”

On a complete side note: This post is dedicated to my beautiful grandmother, Phyllis Bernstein, may she rest in peace. On September 13th she passed away, she was always my biggest supporter of reading and now the journey will be in her memory.  

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