Thursday, March 14, 2013

#22 An Abundance of Katherines By John Green

#22- An Abundance of Katherine's

Rating- 9/10

As its been said throughout this blog I really like John Green. He is one of my favorite authors and I really like his style of writing. This book is no different. I wouldn't rate it my favorite of his books (hence the 9 rating versus the usual 10's that I give him most of the time.)

Colin is a teenage boy who has just graduated high school and been dumped by his long-term girlfriend named Katherine. The thing about Colin though is that this is his 19th time being broken up with by Katherine. No, not the same girl. 19 different girls all with the same name, same spelling. It started out as a coincidence and then turned into a self fulfilling prophecy. 

Having only Katherines as girlfriends isnt the only semi-typical thing about Colin. He is also a child prodigy who has an extremely high IQ and a love of anagrams and while he is grateful for his intelligence it hasnt helped him in the friend or love department and he is feeling a depression set in on the night of his graduation, when he should be out celebrating he is sitting on his floor and feeling sorry for himself.

Realizing that its time for a change, along with his best friend Hassan, Colin sets out on a road trip to gain a new perspective on life and realize who he is without a Katherine in tow.

Because Colin is a genius he has this wild idea while he is feeling sorry for himself, what if he could find a mathematical equation that would predict the outcome of a relationship? He starts figuring out different numbers and ratios, predicting each persons dumper/dumpee number and then adds in a few more numbers, as he goes on through his summer adventure he gets closer and closer to finding the answer that he so badly wants.

After a few days of driving they find themselves in Gunshot Tennessee and make an adventure for themselves, meeting new friends, making new memories, and most of all, meeting new girls all without the name of Katherine. 

I like this book, dont get me wrong. I especially like that its set in Tennessee, since one day I hope to go to college there, but I dont think its my favorite book by John Green in the least. I am not a huge fan of the main character and I just think its because I dont relate to him on very many levels. My main reason for giving a book a high score would be that the narrator made me think of my own life and I learned something important. I have never been a serial dater or someone who always needs boys around and therefore I felt like I didnt learn much, because I already know that I dont need a significant other to make me happy.

Anyways, I love John Green's writing style and for that reason this book was still devoured in hours and has been read a few times over. I still liked the characters and appreciated the humor and would read again if the reason arose. 

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